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Two University of Iowa research groups are celebrating the recent restart of the nearly $10 billion scientific tool that will enable them to continue searching for the basic building blocks of all matter. The scientific tool is the world's largest atom smasher — the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. More


Two University of Iowa researchers may have found a likely source of a polluting substance, a polychlorinated biphenol called PCB11, that they previously identified in air samples throughout Chicago. The pigments in some indoor and outdoor paints contain PCB11, according to a University of Iowa study published in the Dec 3 online issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology. More


As the United States maintains involvement in a wide range of international issues, a recent University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll shows most Americans would rather see the United Nations at the helm. A striking majority of respondents said the U.N. is better suited than the U.S. to handle three major international matters: peacekeeping (73 percent), aid to developing nations (72 percent), and human rights (59 percent). More


Officials from the United States Agency for International Development awarded the University of Iowa WiderNet Project a $1.6 million grant to produce and distribute a Global Disability Rights Library for use in developing countries. WiderNet will work with the United States International Council on Disabilities and more than 150 disability rights advocates worldwide to compile best practices and educational resources for the library's collection. More


Scholars at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies at The University of Iowa are investigating the consequences of industrializing food. They are approaching the topic from a variety of angles, ranging from the history of factory farms to controversial regulations related to food safety and trade. More


A University of Iowa researcher has received a $39,778 grant—the first of its kind from IAWIND (Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development)—to purchase instrumentation for a small wind turbine to be used as a teaching device at the UI College of Engineering. More


In 1867, the United States dropped $7.2 million in gold to buy Alaska from Russia. But a new analysis by a University of Iowa economist suggests the investment hasn’t been worth it for U.S. taxpayers. More


The University Hygienic Laboratory announced Nov. 11 that Miss Iowa 2009 Anne Michael Langguth will serve as its Environmental and Public Health Laboratory Ambassador to bring awareness to a looming workforce shortage in the public health sector. More


To better understand—and ultimately prevent—facial and skull birth defects, a new project involving The University of Iowa will focus on creating a first-ever encyclopedic database on how the faces of healthy children develop and what goes wrong to cause defects. The effort, called FaceBase, is a five-year initiative funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. More


Leaders of the Carver Trust of Muscatine, Iowa, University of Iowa Health Care, and the UI Foundation have announced a $2 million gift from the Carver Trust that will establish an operational endowment for the DNA Facility in the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. More


A $1 million gift to the University of Iowa Foundation from two UI graduates will enable the university to continue the pioneering work of the late Ignacio V. Ponseti, professor emeritus of orthopaedics, in countries around the world. The gift, from Bob Whitmore and Molly Osterhaus Whitmore of Minneapolis, will provide funding for the Ponseti International Association (PIA) at the University. The goal of PIA is to train health care professionals in every nation to use the clubfoot treatment known as the Ponseti method. More


Stephen G. Bloom set out to trace a single pearl, from the moment a diver in Australia scoops from the ocean floor a giant oyster to the moment a woman 10,000 miles away fastens the clasp to a shimmering pearl necklace. The result of Bloom's improbable four-continent odyssey is Tears of Mermaids: The Secret Story of Pearls, a nonfiction book released recently by St. Martin's Press. More


Eloy Barragan, a faculty member in the University of Iowa Department of Dance, is one of only three choreographers commissioned to celebrate the 2010 Mexican Centennial and Bicentennial with a work for the Companía Nacional de Danza (National Ballet Company). A performance will reopen the remodeled Palace of Fine Arts next fall. In 2010, Mexico will celebrate both the 200th anniversary of independence and the 100th anniversary of the revolution. More


The Joffrey Ballet took the stage of the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines in September to raise funds for the University of Iowa's flood-ravaged Hancher Auditorium and School of Music. The event raised more than $156,000 which will be split between the two UI units. A special event at the Joffrey Towers in Chicago raised more than $17,000 for Hancher. More


Miami, one of the most prestigious areas in South Florida, will soon play host to The University of Iowa, with one of the most prestigious football programs in the nation. The Hawkeyes recently finished a 10-2 regular season, and although rumors ran rampant since then, the news became official Dec. 6—the Hawkeyes will travel to Miami to play Georgia Tech in the FedEx Orange Bowl in Land Shark Stadium on Jan. 5. The game will be televised by FOX with a 7 p.m. start (Central Time). More


A total of 51 University of Iowa student athletes have been named to the 2009 Big Ten fall Academic All-Conference team. The list includes student athletes from field hockey (three), football (13), men's cross-country (five), women's cross country (eight), women's soccer (15), and women's volleyball (seven). To be eligible for academic all-Big Ten, studen athletes must be letter winners and be in at least their second academic year at the institution. They must also carry a career grade-point average of 3.00 or better. More
For the Record

“Some people go to the Super Bowl, others go to the Indianapolis 500, others go to Black Friday.”

Kevin Leicht, professor of sociology, about “Black Friday” as spectator sport (Inc. magazine, Nov. 2009).

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Alumni Newsmakers

“Karen’s artwork is passionate and fierce. It’s about strength and life. It’s about struggle and the human nature to strive for better.”

Comment on the work of the late Karen Laub-Novak, who earned an MFA from The University of Iowa in 1961 and who captured narratives from the Bible in paintings, lithographs, and sculptures (Boston Pilot, October 20).

Old Gold


The nation’s first educational TV station got its start at The University of Iowa. No, kids couldn’t yet find their way to Sesame Street, but in 1933 you could learn about oral hygiene and charcoal sketching by watching W9XK. More

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Political unrest and poor timing cast a shadow of obscurity over the University’s first-ever national championship team. The 1969 Iowa men’s gymnasts finally get their parade. More