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Timothy Barrett, research scientist and adjunct professor of papermaking at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, is a 2009 recipient of a fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The $500,000 MacArthur Fellowships, popularly known as the “genius grants,” are awarded to individuals in a variety of fields who have shown exceptional originality and dedication to their creative pursuits. More


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded 113 grants funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to Iowa institutions, with 103 of the grants to researchers at the University of Iowa. All told, UI faculty, staff, and students have received 128 ARRA-funded grants for scientific research from the NIH and other federal agencies, totaling $52 million over the next three fiscal years. More


The University of Iowa Public Policy Center will host a symposium Oct. 16–17 examining new energy opportunities being created in response to the growing challenge of climate change. More


This month The University of Iowa officially reopened the 85-year-old Iowa Memorial Union footbridge, the riverfront sidewalks, and River Park, which had been closed since the June 2008 flood. More


This year marks the Office of State Archaeologist’s 50th anniversary at The University of Iowa. The office has recorded more than 23,000 archaeological sites statewide, identifying artifacts like bones, pottery, stones, and shells. Employees work to protect Native American burial sites and educate Iowans about the state’s human past. Learn more about their projects and how UI students, faculty, and staff are involved in these research and preservation efforts. More


For years, poll after poll has put W.L. Gore & Associates near the top of the list of best places to work. In a study published in Organizational Dynamics, Greg Stewart, a management and organization professor at The University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, and two colleagues found the company’s success stems from its unique management structure. Or, or more accurately, lack of one. More


A new study finds a possible link between childhood abuse and changes to a molecular process, gene methylation, that controls a gene associated with depression. More More


The blood brain barrier is generally considered an obstacle to delivering therapies from the bloodstream to the brain. However, University of Iowa researchers have discovered a way to turn the blood vessels surrounding brain cells into a production and delivery system for getting therapeutic molecules directly into brain cells. More


By investigating a rare and severe form of diabetes in children, University of Iowa researchers have discovered a new molecular mechanism that regulates specialized pancreatic cells and insulin secretion. The mechanism involves a protein called ankyrin, which UI researchers previously linked to potentially fatal human heart arrhythmias. More

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Leaves of Grass, 1860: The 150th Anniversary Facsimile Edition of the Walt Whitman classic is now available from the University of Iowa Press. Leaves of Grass, 1860 faithfully reproduces Whitman’s attempt to create a “Great construction of the New Bible” to save the nation on the eve of civil war and, for the first time, frames the book in historical, rather than literary, terms. More


There is a Hilgenberg and Kittle teaming up at The University of Iowa, but this time it isn’t the late 1970s and they aren’t members of the Hawkeye football offensive line. Mara Hilgenberg is a junior setter from Lake Forest, Ill. Emma Krieger Kittle is a first-year outside hitter from Iowa City, Iowa. Both are making a positive impact for the Hawkeye volleyball program. Both are daughters of two famous Iowa football players from the early Hayden Fry era. More


The University of Iowa held two public events over homecoming weekend to celebrate the opening of the new UI Sports Medicine Center. The 26,000-square-foot center will offer convenient access to the very best sports medicine option for athletes of all ages, from casual exercisers to intense college athletes. More
For the Record

“Small changes now may result in meaningful differences later. Young children who are inactive are missing out on this protective ‘banking’ effect.”

Kathleen Janz, professor of health and sport studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, talking about how physical activity early in life may help children avoid excessive fat gains later in childhood (Parade, Sept. 30).

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Alumni Newsmakers

“A Meetup is about the simple idea of using the Internet to get people off the Internet.”

Scott Heiferman, UI alumnus and 37-year-old founder of Meetup, a web site for organizing local groups (New York Times, Sept. 5).

Old Gold
Marching to a different drum


For nearly 70 years, the sound of bagpipes and drums rang out at events at the University. Find out more about the University's all-male, all-female, and finally mixed-gender Scottish Highlanders. More

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Rx for Reform - Iowans contribute to the national debate on the ailing healthcare system


Iowans contribute to the national debate on the ailing healthcare system. More