How are you? When every face is unfamiliar

In Tara Fall’s world, everyone is a stranger, and if you have met her before, she is happy to meet you…again.

Fall, a research subject in the Iowa Neurological Patient Registry at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, underwent brain surgery for her epilepsy in 2003. While the Monticello, Iowa, native was cured of seizures, she experienced a stroke during surgery.

A lasting consequence of the stroke is a condition called prosopagnosia—the inability to recognize humans by face in spite of having good eyesight.

Yet, Fall has found ways to compensate. Fall, who currently lives in Menifee, Calif., helps raise two daughters and earned a master's degree in psychology.

Lean more about Tara Fall's experience at her blog,

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video by
Ben Hill &
John Riehl

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