These archives include monthly updates to the Spectator web site, plus past editions of the Spectator alumni publication in PDF* format.

Spectator web site
November 2012: A bulldog and a Hawkeye, At Home on Campus, Spectator Makeover, and more.

October 2012: Making a World of Difference, Health Care Flair, A Sound Career, and more.

September 2012: ‘The Garden of Education’, Pep Assembly, Where Black and Gold Take Hold, and more.

August 2012: A President's Perspective, Mammoth Discovery, Proudly at the Fore, and more.

July 2012: Running for Her Life, Going the Distance, Children at Play, and more.

June 2012: Boiling Down the Burg, Sprucing Up Campus, A Successful Run, and more.

May 2012: Coming to terms, Heroes' Welcome, A Walk to Remember, and more.

April 2012: Crowdsourcing, Breaking Down Barriers, Spring Forward, and more.

March 2012: Craft and Care, rereading favorites, Spirit of the Season, and more.

February 2012: Iowans as Art, Fixing a Broken Heart, Home at Last, and more.

January 2012: Book Value, Student-run Dance Marathon, fans have fun, and more.

December 2011: Above and Beyond, Horns for the Holidays, Brewing success in Chicago, and more.

November 2011: Facebook fans, Connecting Writers Worldwide, Midcentury Milestones, and more.

October 2011: Forward Motion, Campus Then ... and Now, Homecoming, and more.

September 2011: From Flood Recovery to Farmageddon, Comics and Culture, On Iowa!, and more.

August 2011: Rising to the Occasion, A Cheerful Good-Bye, Road Show, and more.

July 2011: Picking Presidents, Natural Talents, On the Corps Path, and more.

June 2011: A Match Made...on Campus, High Marks, Tour de Horse, and more.

May 2011: Home at the Helm, Write of Passage, Leaving a Smaller Footprint, and more.

April 2011: Healing Through Harmony, Community-Centered, Painting Des Moines Black and Gold, and more.

March 2011: Democratizing Art, 125 Years of Care, How Are You, and more.

February 2011: Building aNation, digital citizens, Making Waves, and more.

January 2011: Keeping Hawkeyes Healthy, City of Literature, Insight Win, and more.

December 2010: Mr. University of Iowa, Food in America, Holiday Horns, and more.

November 2010: Hocus Pocus, Peek-a-Boo, Veterans paper making, and more.

October 2010: A Team Effort, Faces of the Faithful, Homecoming Eve Highlights, and more.

September 2010: New recreation and wellness center, A Reason to Fly, Warm Welcome, and more.

August 2010: Center for the Book, twice-exceptional students, game-day initiative, and more.

July 2010: Summer Writing Festival reflections, Jazz Festival, American ruins, and more.

June 2010: Abusive bosses, ArtsFest 2010, new Hygienic lab, and more.

May 2010: Lost opportunities, coffeshop renovation, party for art, and more.

April 2010: Energy control, presidential address, poetry endures, and more.

March 2010: Forty years of art, wrestling prowess, help for Haiti, and more.

February 2010: Dancing for the kids, wordplay, an eye for the new, and more.

January 2010: A fruitful season, White House recognition, global focus, and more.

December 2009: Reflection through art, distance education, holiday tuba tradition, and more.

November 2009: Science discoveries, changing media landscapes, The Oxford Project, and more.

October 2009: Veterans, horror films, game day in Iowa City, and more.

September 2009: Convocation, Kirk Ferentz, interesting internships, and more.

Spectator alumni print publication
Fall 2012 (PDF download): Spectator Makeover, Pep Assembly, A President's Perspective, and more.

Spring 2012 (PDF download): Midcentury Milestones, Arts Campus Revival, Craft and Care, and more.

Fall 2011 (PDF download): Flood recovery, Book Smarts, The Power of Preservation, and more.

Spring 2011 (PDF download): Picking Presidents, Food in America, 125 Years of Care, and more.

Fall 2010 (PDF download): UI Museum of Art welcomes director, Lamaze lowdown, Economic Engine, and more.

Spring 2010 (PDF download): Campus sustainability, Museum of Art forges ahead, astral research, and more.

Fall 2009 (PDF download): Science research collaboration, life-changing teachers, UI Press milestone, and more.

Spring 2009 (PDF download): Sustainability, the Joffrey-Hancher connection, the Iowa Review, and more.

Fall 2008 (PDF download): Weathering the flood, a new provost, war and peace in Angola, and more.

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